Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

Are you tired of living as an amateur, always seeking validation and approval from others?

It’s time to turn pro and embrace your true calling with purpose and ambition.

But what does it take to turn pro and achieve success in your chosen field?

Here are the habits and behaviors that can help you get there.

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1. Showing Up Every Day

One of the critical habits of professionals is the discipline to show up every day and put in the work. This means setting aside distractions and making the time to focus on your craft, whether writing, painting, or any other pursuit. It also means being consistent and reliable, even when not motivated or inspired.

2. Stay Focused on the Job

Another essential habit of professionals is the ability to stay focused on the Job without getting distracted by external influences or the judgment of others. This means setting boundaries, avoiding distractions, and staying laser-focused on your goals and objectives.

3. Being Committed Over the Long Haul

Successful professionals are also committing to the long haul. They understand that achieving excellence takes time and dedication and are willing to work and make the necessary sacrifices to get there. This means being patient and persistent, even when faced with setbacks or challenges.

4. Having High Stakes and Being Real

For professionals, the stakes are high and accurate. They understand that their work has value and impact and take it seriously. This means being authentic to themselves and not being afraid to take risks and push the boundaries of their craft.

5. Seeking Order

Another essential habit of professionals is the desire to seek order and create systems and structures that help them be more effective and efficient. This means being organized and methodical in their approach and not letting chaos and disorganization hold them back.

6. Demystifying

Successful professionals also can demystify their work, breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces and tackling it one step at a time. They do not get overwhelmed by the big picture and focus on the small details that will help them progress.

7. Acting in the Face of Fear

One of the most challenging habits to develop as a professional is the ability to act in the face of fear. This means being brave, even when faced with challenges or obstacles, and not letting fear hold you back.

8. Accepting No Excuses

Professionals also have a zero-tolerance policy for excuses. They understand that there will always be challenges and setbacks, but don’t let them hold them back. Instead, they find ways to overcome these obstacles and keep moving forward.

9. Playing It as It Lays

Another critical habit of professionals is the ability to play it as it lays. This means they are adaptable, flexible, and won’t get too attached to a specific plan or outcome. It also means being open to new opportunities and ideas and not being afraid to pivot when necessary.

10. Being Prepared

Successful professionals always prepare. They understand the importance of being ready for anything, and they take the time to plan and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that come their way.

11. Not Showing Off

Professionals don’t show off or seek attention for their work. They understand that their craft is more than just getting recognition or praise, and they focus on doing their best without seeking accolades.

12. Dedicating to Mastering Technique

One of the hallmarks of professionals is their dedication to mastering their craft. This means investing the time and effort to become an expert.

To Summarize

In short, a Pro:

1. Shows up every day
2. Stays on the job all-day
3. Commits over the long haul
4. Has stakes that are high and real
5. Is Patient
6. Seeks order
7. Demystifies
8. Acts in the face of fear
9. Accepts no excuses
10. Plays it as it lays
11. Prepares
12. Does not show off
13. Dedicates to mastering technique
14. Does not hesitate to ask for help
15. Does not take failure or success personally!!
16. Does not identify with his instrument
17. Endures adversity & self evaluates
18. Reinvents himself
19. Is recognized by other professionals
20. Is courageous
21. Doesn’t allow him/herself to be distracted
22. Is ruthless with himself
23. Has compassion for himself
24. Lives in the present
25. Delays gratification – the reward is writing
26. Doesn’t sacrifice his work to get in a good light with others
27. Helps others
28. Never goes until exhaustion. Always stay hungry for more

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