How To Enjoy Amsterdam Bars | Best Places Per Neighbourhood

Are you planning to explore Amsterdam bars? This post is precisely for you!

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands and the country’s capital. The city is renowned for its beautiful canals, excellent museums, and exciting nightlife.

Approximately 5 million tourists visit the city annually, making it a central tourism hub.

This is a blessing and a curse. There’s a wide variety of restaurants, Amsterdam bars, and activities. Simultaneously, the number of tourists and options can be overwhelming.

That’s why I asked my friends from Amsterdam for their best local tips. I’ll highlight some important events followed by the best bars, restaurants, and coffee spots per area. The places with a ⭐ were recommended by multiple people.


Whether you are living or visiting Amsterdam, these tips will likely come in handy!

amsterdam bars

Amsterdam’s Neighbourhoods

Now, let’s dive into Amsterdam bars, restaurants, and coffee in the following areas: North, South, East, West, and Center.

 The central station is in the city center, and you can find all the other areas around that using a compass or the simple map below

amsterdam bars


De Negenstraatjes en de Jordaan are two important areas in Amsterdam’s city center.

The Negenstraatjes (or “Nine Streets”) is a small area with nine streets (as the name implies) full of little design stores and cafes. It’s a great place to stroll around and do some shopping.

The historic neighborhood of De Jordaan is known for its narrow streets and pretty canals. It’s a popular place for tourists and locals, and there are many small shops, cafes, and art galleries. It’s most famously known as working-class neighborhood with authentic bars to get your daily dose of Dutch directness.

You can visit the Anne Frank House or a funny-looking science museum for kids called NEMO. The museum looks like a ship but is the inverse of the tunnel it’s built on. It’s nice to combine NEMO with Hanneke’s boom.


  • Restaurant Kyo is a cozy and excellent Japanese restaurant that’s surprisingly affordable. They serve gyoza, sushi, and skewers of meat with sake. One of my friends told me he ate there two birthdays in a row.
  • Incanto is a dine-in classical Italian restaurant that offers fare and wines from the region in a chic and rustic setting with a view of the river.
  • Scheepskameel: This upscale waterfront eatery with a menu focused on regional specialties and a comprehensive wine list from Germany.
  • Pianeta Terra: An organic Italian restaurant in Amsterdam and member of the Slow Food Chefs, has been awarded the coveted “3 Forks,” the most incredible honor an Italian restaurant may receive outside of Italy.
  • ⭐Homeland Brewery Amsterdam: Homeland has a guesthouse and brewery. You could go for a swim at the Marineterrein followed by a beer after. The brewery has a nice interior and a lovely view of the water. They also sell smaller portions of the main dishes, so it’s nice if you go with a smaller eater.
  • Thai Snackbar Bird: A cozy and unpretentious establishment serving Thai soups, as well as spicy noodle and rice meals, as well as offering takeout service.
  • ⭐Men Impossible: A casual Japanese restaurant in a confined, brick-lined space that serves vegan dishes such as ramen, katsu, and tempura. However, it is a maximum of 2 people, and a reservation is necessary. This Japanese vegan place is highly recommended if you want to go on a nice date in Amsterdam; not super expensive and very cozy.
  • Toscanini: it looks like a perfect place to eat. Make your plans far in advanceHome-cooked food from different parts of Italy is served in a modern rustic restaurant with a skylight and an open kitchen.
  • De Kas is a Michelin-star restaurant known for the famous Dutch book and movie “Love Life” (Komt een Vrouw bij de Dokter) by author Kluun. This restaurant has delicious food and a stylish garden with organic ingredients used to make Mediterranean dishes. A tip: ensure you sit in the restaurant, not in the greenhouse.

Centrum Amsterdam Bars & Clubs

  • Cafe De Klos: The restaurant’s outstanding T-bones, prime ribs, smoked ribs, and distinct ribs have made it a Mecca for steak aficionados. It is well-known across the city it’s best to avoid crowds by arriving before they do.
  • Jazz Café Alto is a cozy jazz club with a hippie ambiance and portraits of legendary artists on the walls and features live concerts every night.
  • Café Bern: There is a lively and welcoming vibe, and you’ll probably be sitting at a large table with a bunch of locals also out for the night.
  • Engelbewaarder café. A pleasant local bar with a fine draft beer selection and merely decent calamari. Jazz concerts are held weekly on Sundays.
  • Gollem Aan Het Water: The view of Kromhout Wharf (Werf’ T Kromhout) from this cafe’s window is breathtaking. Several travelers recommend Gollem Aan Het Water because of the excellent beer. You can also get a large cup of coffee.
  • Hanneke’s Boom: A well-known cafe not far from Nemo. Great setting, with plenty of outdoor seating on (fake) grass and at tables during the warmer months. This laid-back restaurant serves casual seafood, beef, and vegetarian fare on a terrace overlooking the harbor.
  • Festina Lente: This great hangout spot in Amsterdam is a modest brown café. Its location on a city canal, somewhat removed from the hubbub of the city center, is ideal. Excellent for reading with a drink and a candy bar or sipping coffee and a pastry.
  • Tales & Spirits: Bar with a unique atmosphere and delicious cocktails. The artisan cocktails are to die for, and the atmosphere and service are also excellent. The chicken and pork buns were deliciously crispy and satisfying as a snack. If you’re sitting outside and get chilly, they have heated blankets and pillows for you to use.
  • ‘t Aepjen: this is the oldest pub in the Netherlands. This bar is where one of the oldest Dutch proverbs, “In den aep gelogeerd,” was born. The saying roughly translates into “to stay with the monkeys” and refers to getting what looks like a great deal but turns out to be the opposite. ‘t Aepjen contains many monkey-themed elements and a stairway to nowhere.
  • Café Soundgarden: A low-key music tavern with a waterside terrace, perfect for DJ nights and live acoustic concerts.
  • Cafe De Blaffende Vis: A warm welcome awaits you in Jordaan’s Cafe De Blaffende Vis, a fantastic bar in the heart of Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighborhood. There’s a terrific selection of beers, tasty fare, and a pleasant ambiance to enjoy.
  • Bierfabriek AmsterdamCraft beers, organic grilled food, and private tap tables are served at this hip, urban brewery.
  • Club NYX: (LGBT friendly) There are several rooms to check out, each with its excellent sound system and a great atmosphere. The crowd had a great vibe, and security was friendly and professional. You should go there for a good house club night in Amsterdam.
  • Café Fonteyn is a brown cafe for students and young people. It’s very comfortable, and always full of young people. They also serve snacks like Dutch meatballs.
  • Kanaal 40A new bar & cafe with brown leather couches and a basement full of hip-hop and techno. All night long, the bar will serve a selection of alcoholic beverages and “borrelkaart deluxe.” The digital life of Kanaal 40 is displayed on the displays in the form of carefully prepared music video playlists.
  • Brabantse Aap is a great place for a beer on the terrace after a Saturday of shopping. Here, you can visit a sizable cafe to get some food. The welcoming staff is a significant reason this pub has such a high rating.
  • Bar Parry: I haven’t been there yet, but it looks lovely and delicious. An excellent place to have drinks with good service.

Coffee, Brunch & Ice Cream

  • Bocca Coffee: This cute coffee shop is in the middle of Amsterdam, but it’s on a quiet street with lots of exciting sights. Along with the coffee, they also had some treats (vegan banana bread, oat cookies, and cheesecake servings). They offer coffee courses, so seating is only sometimes available. Still, when it is, it has a steampunk vibe and is comfortable and friendly.
  • Saint-Jean Amsterdam (Bakery & Coffee): A cute plant-based bakery serving various delicious breakfast alternatives. It has a great crunchiness to it and is moderately sweet. Aside from this, you must get a taste of their cruffins at some point! Especially the ones made with pistachios! The coffee is of high quality. In addition, the ambiance is lovely, and the people working there are delightful.
  • Bakhuys Amsterdam: Family-owned bakery that has been in business for many years and offers sourdough bread, pizza, pastries, and breakfast in a contemporary setting.
  • Toki: (Brunch & Lunch) Coffee establishment with a relaxed atmosphere and an industrial look and feel, serving artisanal beverages, baked pastries, and brunch fare.
  • Screaming Beans: The staff is amiable, and the place is always clean and cozy despite its tiny size. The coffee has an exquisite flavor that might make your heart feel warmer. Well worth a shot! Although it is not one of the more affordable locations to get coffee, you should still visit them to try their single-origin beans.
  • Bakery Jongejans: If you get to Amsterdam Central Station early in the morning, this shop is probably the best place to get breakfast. The location is spotless, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is excellent.
  • Gartine: Cozy cafe with antiques where you can eat breakfast, brunch, and lunch, made with food from the kitchen garden.
  • Winkel 43 This busy cafe/bar is known for its apple pie and serves hearty European snacks, lunches, and dinners. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the best apple pie in Amsterdam (or even the world!).
  • Dignita Hoftuin (courtyard garden): This place to eat lunch is hidden in the Hermitage’s garden. There’s good food and a beautiful place, but it’s often crowded (so make a reservation)
  • Café de Jaren: In a formerly bank building that is now light and airy, you’ll find a patio and balcony overlooking a lush canal with menu options from all over the world. You can also the newspaper at the large table on the small terrace outside.
  • Back to black is a very nice coffeehouse in a quieter part of the city center despite being close to Museumplein. They also offer takeaway coffee on your way to work.
amsterdam bars


Amsterdam-Zuid is one of the most crowded parts of Amsterdam with 8,500 homes per square kilometer. It’s also famous for the Zuidas, home to many offices, especially for bankers and lawyers. This is why some restaurants in this area are more expensive.

Another famous area in Amsterdam Zuid is called De Pijp. It’s a very popular area with bars and restaurants. You’ll not have problems finding a nice place, but you might have difficulties getting a reservation.

It also houses some of the most famous museums in Amsterdam, namely the RijksmuseumVan Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum, which are all located on the same square called her Museumplein, known for the “I AMSTERDAM” sign. Unfortunately, the sign has been moved, so you won’t get your legendary picture here. Check out the new spot if you need to please your Instagram followers.

During winter, you can ice skate on the square, and there’s a fantastic little fossil store called Stenelux. If you want to visit the museums, make a reservation in advance.


  • Yerba is a vegan restaurant with creative dishes. You can go for brunch or dinner and enjoy a modern but casual vibe including outdoor seating.
  • Nazka is Peruvian, outspoken, and crazy. This restaurant is excellent in every way. The food is delicious, with intense flavors that go well together. The room is nice and cozy, and the staff is amiable and helpful.
  • Neni: Book ahead if you want to eat at this chic Israeli restaurant. The food is delicious, and each dish is better than the last because it has such a lovely, delicate mix of flavors. The restaurant has modern furniture and high ceilings, which give it a nice feel.
  • BautFantastic French food with good value for money. The dishes look very beautiful.
  • Frizzanteria: Italian bubbles go well with lovely Italian food. This restaurant in the South of Amsterdam is a great place to eat for couples, groups of friends, or families. It is clean and nicely put together.
  • Fa. PekelhaaringCreative Italian set menus are served in a spacious area that looks like a canteen and has quirky art and mismatched furniture.
  • De Vondeltuin: This laid-back, family-friendly cafe has wood tables on its terrace and serves tapas, salads, and pasta.
  • Eetcafé Wijmpje Beukers: a relaxed restaurant with outdoor seating that creatively makes seasonal dishes and drinks.

Zuid Amsterdam Bars

  • Glouglou is an odd wine Amsterdam bar in the Pijp. The place has a lot of wines and great duck snacks. Highly recommended for people who like natural wines and those who want a wine bar with a good atmosphere and friendly staff.
  • Gollem: There is a lot of beer on tap and in bottles at this fantastic pub. The cheese board was a wonderful treat.

Coffee, Brunch & Ice Cream

  • Sjefietshé: A casual, unique & cozy restaurant with a terrace that serves South American food, snacks, and drinks.
  • Massimo Gelato & Pisa: A cozy ice cream parlor with a laid-back atmosphere, serving authentic Italian gelato, coffee, and pastries in a confined space.
  • Vascobelo has a pleasant ambiance, extremely helpful and kind staff, and excellent cappuccino.


Amsterdam Oost (East Amsterdam) is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood in Amsterdam. It is famous for its lively atmosphere and mix of cultures and has many popular bars, restaurants, and shops.

The Flevopark and the Oosterpark are two of this area’s many parks and green spaces. There are also several cultural institutions in Amsterdam Oost, such as the Tropenmuseum and the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. Overall, Amsterdam Oost is a lively and active neighborhood that visitors should check out.

A lovely day trip to visit the lighthouse island is recommended. This will be a unique experience, with a boat to the tiny island near Adam, eating in a greenhouse in the summer and by the fire in the winter.


  • The Meets is a vegan restaurant with a short and straightforward menu. It offers a lot of tasty options, including gluten-free ones. Even though it’s a little on the pricey side, it’s a must-try. The staff is also amiable and helpful.
  • Foer: this restaurant has the best vegetarian food from Scandinavia, but it comes at a price. The food is great, and the service is even better. Everything is fresh, delicate, and put together very well. The suggested non-alcoholic drinks go perfectly with each course and make the food taste better.
  • Wilde Zwijnen (Wild boar) has good food for a reasonable price. It serves modern Dutch in a trendy, rustic setting with wooden tables, exposed brick, and an open kitchen.
  • Proeflokaal ‘t Nieuwe Diep: A quaint retreat with a pondside terrace with a bar serving beer, wine, and spirits in addition to food.
  • Louie LouieInternational dishes and brunch are served at a trendy place with a terrace.

Oost Amsterdam Bars & Clubs

  • De Groene Olifant: is a café in the east with a relaxed atmosphere for a Friday afternoon
  • Nieuwe Diep Distillery: A cozy hideaway in Flevopark with a terrace by the pond where you can drink beer, wine, and spirits and eat snacks.
  • Eetcafé Kanis & MeilandBeautiful place to sit by the water, perfect for a dive in the summer (or all year for die-hards). An excellent place to hang out and drink, especially in the summer when you can sit outside.
  • Sissi’s Expo: They serve food and have music in several rooms in the evenings. The building is old-school, giving the place a unique feel.
  • Brouwerij De Eeuwige Jeugd: a young microbrewery from Amsterdam. There are four distinct spaces for customers to have a drink, try different beers, and dance, in addition to the spacious outside terrace, appetizers, and specialty brews available on tap. An excellent brown tavern with a DJ who plays hit songs starting at 10 o’clock at night.

Coffee, Brunch & Ice Cream

  • Massimo Gelato: The dark chocolate sorbet is exciting and worth trying. The staff is amiable and can speak English perfectly. So don’t worry about the language barrier.
  • tHUIS aan de AMSTEL has homemade pastries and delicacies produced using locally sourced ingredients are served in a riverfront cafe with a patio that has a homey atmosphere.
  • Vergulden Eenhoorn is a great place for the whole family. It’s incredibly warm and inviting, with a game shop and giant fireplace immediately upon entering.
  • Bar Bukowski is a cult cafe in the Oosterpark with dancing in the evening and coffee in the morning. Every second Tuesday of the month, there will be stand-up comedy.
  • ⭐Coffee Bruthis cafe may have the best coffee in Amsterdam. Coffee Bru serves espressos and finger food in a rustic, artsy space with a relaxed vibe and seating on the sidewalk.
amsterdam bars


North Amsterdam, known as Amsterdam Noord, is a vibrant and ever-evolving part of the city. It’s famous for its rich industrial history, thriving arts community, and stunning natural scenery. Amsterdam Noord may be reached by ferry just across the IJ river to the north of the city center.

Some of the most visited places in the area are the NDSM Werf (a repurposed shipyard turned arts and culture center), the EYE Film Institute and cinema, and the A’DAM Tower (a landmark observation tower with panoramic views of the city). Amsterdam Noord has many parks including The Noorderpark and Amsterdamse Bos.


  • Holysloot, a picturesque and idyllic village is 20 minutes by bike from Noord. You can also rent a canoe/whisper boat.
  • Cycling to the beautiful village Monikkendam from the central station via Nieuwendammerdijk and back. It’s a great day trip.
  • You can also stay at a youth hostel called Clink.


  • Cornerstore is currently the most fantastic restaurant in town, with good, cheap food and dancing at the table at night. The music is lovely, the food is good, and the waiters are super sweet.
  • Restaurant & Café de Ceuvel: A dockside cafe with cool artwork that serves beer, coffee, and eco-friendly burgers and croquettes outside.
  • Cafe Modern: Excellent cuisine based on new techniques.
  • BacalarFinest tacos in Amsterdam. It’s a very creative menu with interesting tastes that go well together. The drinks are also good. Prices are a little bit higher than usual, but if you want to experience good Mexican food, this is the place to go.
  • MattoNon-traditional but tasty pizzas. With outdoor seating, pizza, salads, and desserts are served in this down-to-earth Italian eatery.
  • Klaproos: Spaghetti and pizza cooked in wood ovens are served in a trendy, spacious Italian restaurant with a bar and a patio that overlooks the water.
  • Euro Pizza has great sourdough pizza and a lot of other dishes that change with the seasons. The best parts are the sourdough bread and butter. You can sit on the big terrace outside to enjoy the tasty food.
  • Hangar is a one-of-a-kind restaurant on the waterside with a terrace that serves happy hour, sharing appetizers, and hefty main courses.

Noord Amsterdam Bars & Clubs

  • Garage Noord (club): The location is unique and unconventional, and the meals are mouthwatering.
  • Herberg Het Mandela Huisje: You won’t believe it, but this is a hidden gem so close to the Central Station. The Mandela House has exhibits and artifacts from Nelson Mandela’s former home. It’s a fantastic place, especially when the weather is nice.
  • Skatecafe is a very cool place to hang out, eat good food, and skate (if you’re a skater). The restaurant has a skate ramp, a bar, and outdoor tables. The food is a slight upgrade compared to the typical cafe food.
  • FC Hyena is an art-house theater, a restaurant, and a nice place to sit and drink by the water. This pleasant wine bar and movie theater has a good selection of wines, small tasty bites, and a great terrace. The location is excellent and the staff is friendly.
  • Murmur: The place is beautiful, with the late-afternoon sun, a wide range of wines, delicious appetizers like artichokes with oranges, and live music. In the evenings, the tables are moved out of the way so a DJ can play records.
  • Schietclub Amsterdam: The club is cool, has a wonderful atmosphere, and is well-run with a lot of attention paid to the details.

Coffee, Brunch & Ice Cream



Amsterdam West is known for its arts scene and hip hangouts. It’s located next to the Singelgracht and Vondelpark and home to the Erasmuspark and the Rembrandtpark.

The area has numerous well-known landmarks, such as the Westergasfabriek (a repurposed gasworks turned cultural center). The old factory houses a museum called Fabrique Luminiere with light shows and immersive visual experiences of established artworks.

Another museum worth checking out is Het Schip. This museum is dedicated to the architecture of the Amsterdam School and can give you more tips on similar architecture in Amsterdam.


  • Dumplings at Fabrique: A food stand with only window service offering traditional Chinese dishes like crepes and dumplings.
  • Oficina: A nice breakfast and lunch place. The food is tasty and has a lot of different flavors that go well together.
  • Maz Mez: What an excellent introduction to Lebanese cuisine! Additionally scrumptious are the deserts.
  • ⭐nNea Pizza is the best pizzeria in the Netherlands, according to this Italian website.
  • ⭐Binnenvisser is a small corner cafe with a few tables and delicious food (a bit more expensive). The restaurant has a very easygoing vibe.
  • Jen’s Bing To Go offers bubble tea and fantastic food from Taiwan (there is also a food market here). A cute little store where you can buy tasty food and eat something quick.
  • Kauffmanyummy falafel. The price is reasonable for the high quality of the cuisine.
  • Café-Restaurant AmsterdamElegant place serves food from around the world in the restored engine room of an old factory.
  • Café Restaurant Nieges: A laid-back hangout spot with water views, a terrace, and both regional and foreign cuisine, as well as wine.
  • Mossel and Gin is a restaurant with an industrial look that serves classic seafood dishes and unique gin cocktails.
  • Foodhallen is nice but can be a bit crowded. It’s nice for a quick bite before going to the movies. There are stalls with food from all over the world, from burgers and hot dogs to dumplings and tacos.
  • Pont 13: This fabulous restaurant is in a 1920s ferry that has been turned into a building by the water. It serves modern seasonal food.

West Amsterdam Bars & Clubs

  • Borisov has a superb location, friendly staff, and a great sound system.
  • Gollem’s Proeflokaal: everything you’d expect from a Belgian beer cafe. Even the food was excellent.
  • PONG – Ping Pong bar: Amazing ping pong bar. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is great. Even so, I wish there were more ping-pong tables. You should book a ping-pong table ahead of time to make sure you’ll have one to play on.
  • RADION: is based in a cultural event space. There is an industrial-chic bar and cafe with pizza, burgers, and a seasonal terrace. Radion plays hard electronic music.
  • YellowhouseTechno music is played in this small club. Wherever you can get a drink, it starts a bit earlier.
  • Proeflokaal ‘t Blauwe Theehuis: A simply relaxing beer in the Vondelpark with a sizable terrace. Open-air bar in the park that serves craft beers, brunches, and pizzas and is housed in a spherical building with a patio.
  • TonTon Club Westergas is a cool cafe with board games and arcade games. Imagine beating your best friend at Mortal Kombat, playing pinball until your fingers hurt, and practicing for your driving test with Mario Kart while drinking a pint and eating a freshly made taco.
  • Ghent aan de Schinkel: Wonderful terraces on the water for sunset. This simple hangout spot with outside seats serves both regional and international cuisine and beer.
  • Poolcafe De Keu is a comfortable bar with pool tables that appear from the past. There’s no resistance from the table’s fabric anymore, so don’t hit the balls too hard. It’s a lovely spot with fantastic music.

Coffee, Brunch & Ice Cream

  • ⭐Friedhats FUKU Cafe: This is some of the best coffee in town. Serious baristas who care about caffeine and know a lot about it. Also, it has an enjoyable, quirky vibe, which I don’t find in many other good coffee shops.
  • Ulmus Bakery is hidden from the busy roads. It’s located on a corner, has great staff members, and has good food. Make sure to try the classic French croissant.
  • White label coffee is a casual coffee shop that serves both hot and cold specialty coffees made from beans that are roasted in-house. They also serve delicious pastries and croissants.
  • Fort Negen may be Amsterdam’s best bakery. The bread is perfect, and the pastries are also great. People generally don’t understand the idea of “quality-to-price ratio” or “value for money,” which is why some reviews might say it’s expensive. I think their bread and pastries are reasonably priced because you get the best of the best.
  • ⭐UncommonAmazing filter coffee, but not the strong cheap kind. The people working there are lovely, and the services are also pretty good. The best part is the sweets and bread, which are all delicious. A spotless place to hang out. There are also vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  • Caffènation is another great cafe for coffee lovers. It has a nice ambiance, great music, and Dutch newspapers to catch up on the latest local stories.

Your Personal Amsterdam Google Maps Layer

Whether you’re in Amsterdam for a long weekend or several weeks, please use these tips to make the most of your stay. I’m grateful for my friends helping me out and excited to visit all these places myself.

To make your life a little easier, I created a ➡️Google Maps Layer⬅️ including all these places

Simply download this map and see what bars and restaurants are in your neighborhood. 

Note that you might have to scroll down to see everything available.

Important Amsterdam Festivals & Events

King’s Day (Koningsdag)

King’s Day (or Koningsdag) is a national holiday in the Netherlands celebrated on April 27. It is the birthday of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, and the whole country celebrates and has parties.

On this Day, people in the Netherlands usually wear orange, the national color of the Netherlands, and participate in street parties, parades, and other public events.

Therefore, King’s Day is a time for people to get together and celebrate the culture and history of the Netherlands. In addition to the national events, many cities and towns also have festivals and events to mark the Day.

It is super fun; you have many festivals and people selling things on the streets, but you’ll have just as much of a great time wearing something orange and walking around the streets. If you have an old Lonely Planet, make sure to visit on the right dates because it changed when the king’s mother (the former Queen) retired.

Gay Pride

Amsterdam’s history of LGBTQ+ rights and activism is long and rich. The city has been at the front of the fight for sexual and gender minorities to get equal rights and be accepted.

In the early 1900s, Amsterdam had a thriving gay subculture, one of the first places to celebrate gay pride openly. Gay pride started as a protest movement and led to the first official gay pride parade in 1971. Since then, it’s been organized every year, and the whole city goes out to celebrate.

Today, many people think that Amsterdam is one of the most welcoming cities for LGBTQ+ people, and its annual pride parade is one of the largest and most well-known in the world. It’s a beautiful and busy event with spectacular parade boats on the canals. 

You can find more info and the dates here

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

If you like electronic music, it’s worth checking out Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

ADE is a conference and festival for electronic music that takes place every year in Amsterdam. This festival is one of the most significant events of its kind in the world, and people from all over the world come to see it. There are many kinds of electronic music at the festival, like house, techno, and trance spread out over parties throughout the city.

It also has panel discussions, workshops, and events for industry professionals to meet and talk with each other.

ADE usually takes place for five days in October. It is put on by the Amsterdam Dance Event Foundation, whose mission is to promote electronic music and help the industry grow. Ticket typically sells out quickly, so ensure you get your tickets on time. You can find more info on their website.

amsterdam bars

Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is a wintertime event that happens every year in Amsterdam. It is a celebration of light, art, and culture, and it has a variety of light installations and works of art by artists from around the world. The festival is usually held in the city’s historic canal district for about two months.

During the festival, people can do various things, like take boat tours of the light installations, go on walking tours, or participate in workshops. The Amsterdam Light Festival is a popular event for locals and tourists, and it’s a great way to see the city differently.

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