Cultural Reads 37: Peruvian Food, Kenyan Sun & Brazilian Killer

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In this week’s newsletter: Spotify, Peru, Brazil, Kenya, Czech Republic, The Maya, Podcast

📀 Your Top Songs 2022

Every year, Spotify shares your yearly personal hits.

Have a look at my playlist to discover new songs!

What were your favorites?  

🍴 How To Know Fantastic Peruvian Food

Are you interested in the most exciting Peruvian dishes and restaurants?

Or in buying a $1200 wine for $30?

You can find out in my interview with Peruvian author Rosario Olivas.

Rosario wrote 11 books on Peruvian cuisine and won the Spanish National Gastronomy Award and 5 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

👮🏻‍♀️ Bom Dia Veronica (Brazil)

Officer Veronica enters the police station when a girl shoots herself.

Why did she do it?

Nobody seems to care except for Veronica.

Her search for justice leads her to a serial killer protected by influential politicians.

Will the victims get justice?

A thrilling Brazilian Netflix series that’s simultaneously shedding light on femicides in South America.

🌞 Sauti Sol (Kenya)

Sauti Sol is one of the hottest bands in Kenya.

Their name means voices in the sun, which is precisely how their music feels.

If you need a bit of melodic vitamin D, listen to Melanin or Nerea.

📕 I Served the King of England (Czech Republic)

Dittie is a short waiter working in a sort-of Grand Budapest Hotel.

He’s determined to get rich and does so at the expense of his fellow citizens during World War II.

I Served the King of England alternates between reflections on life and hilarious satire.

What makes the novel especially interesting is the author, Bohumil Hrabal.

Hrabal published several censored works during the war and got heavily criticized.

His strange death (he fell out of a hospital window) may have something to do with his difficulties accepting his colleagues’ disapproval.

❓ Are The Maya Dead?

Many think the Spanish Inquisition exterminated the Maya people.

That’s only a half-truth.

Many died, but there are still 6 million Maya upholding their traditions.

A friend I met in Mexico is working on a documentary about Maya culture.

Have a look at the trailer and get a mention in the movie’s credits if you’re keen to support the project.

📝 Struggle Taking Podcast Notes?

Do you struggle with note-taking when listening to podcasts?

I am an avid note-taker but find it difficult when listening to podcasts in the gym or bus.

That’s until I found out about Snipd.

Snipd is a free app that takes quick snippets from podcast transcripts.

It’s fast and integrates with Readwise.

A similar app for iPhone-only is Airr.


Short Takeaway

Old problems require old solutions.

New problems require new solutions.

If you want to learn about DNA, look for the latest research.

If you want to learn about happiness, try an old philosophy like Buddhism instead.

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