Cultural Reads 43: The Hunt, International Self-Help, My Uncle Harry

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In this week’s newsletter: A Personal Story, Latin American Rap, a Chill Playlist, International Self-Help Books, Danish Movie & Fitness Books 

⛵ My Uncle Harry

This is the most personal story I ever wrote.

I felt an urge to share it, hoping it would strike a cord.

Read it here.

📚14 Self Development Books Around The World

It’s no secret that self-development is a popular genre in the US and one I enjoy personally.

The only downside: it only offers one specific lens.

That’s why I made a list of 14 self-development books from around the world about business, personal development, relationships, finance, spirituality, and more.

Check out the 14 self development books here.

👩‍💻 Chill Music Playlist

My sister and I have a similar taste in music.

It’s thus no surprise that I can’t stop listening to her latest playlist.

Do you enjoy artists like Tom Misch, Mac Miller, Loyle Carner, FKJ, and HER?

If so, you’ll love these 17+ hours of similar music.

🎞️ The Hunt (Denmark)

Lucas is an elementary school teacher who lives a lonely life while struggling over his son’s custody.

When things seem to improve, one of the kids tells a lie that accuses Lucas of sexual abuse.

His luck is brutally shattered, leading to a chain of terrible events.

The Hunt is an incredible movie with famous Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and deservedly earned an 8.3 score on IMDB.

If you’re in the mood for a lighter movie, check out the Danish comedy Another Round, about a group of friends who decide to spend life always a little drunk.

📕 5 Books To Improve Your Health & Fitness

Would you like to upgrade your health & fitness knowledge? 

Try out these books:

1. Body By Science (link) offers a scientific approach to building muscle in the gym with minimum effort. Great if you have little time available. 

2. Enter the Kettlebell (link) helps reach a fitness level with the use of a kettlebell only. 

3. 4-Hour Body (link) shows how to hack your workout and has excellent tips if you want to swim better.

4. Building Milo (link) is technical but helps address fitness injuries, especially if you do weightlifting. 

5. You Are Your Gym (link) teaches home workouts with body weight and household tools only.

This last book is great for travel, but be careful using brooms for pull-ups. It can lead to awkward conversations with the cleaner when they break (yes, I’m speaking from experience).

🎤 Rap From Latin America

Jeff from the newsletter FFOREST shares daily songs, cool illustrations, and short stories.

Although he primarily features Western songs, he recommended listening to Vengo by Chilean Rapper Ana Tijoux. It’s the first song on an album blasting with horns and energy.

Two other great rap groups from Latin America are the Mexican group Molotov and Malos Hábitos from Nicaragua.

🤖 Music, Robots & Meditation

Last week, I wrote a guest post for FRESH by Wing.

You’ll find African and South American remixes, meditation resources, soulful techno, and more.

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