Cultural Reads 57: Barefoot Diva, Kidnap Story & Caribbean Music

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In this week’s newsletter: Cape Verdian Music, Colombia’s Wayuu People, Caribbean Garifuna Music & a Burkina Faso Story.

Barefoot Diva, Kidnap Story Caribbean Music

☀️ Top 10 Music Cape Verde

If you had to pick the five best music countries, which one would you choose? 

For me, Cape Verde would be one of them. 

From the soul-wrenching songs by the barefoot diva Cesaria Evora to happy summer vibes by Cordas del Sol. 

Check out the best ten artists from Cape Verde in this post

🎬 Birds of Passage (Colombia)

Ready to travel to the northern Colombian desert?

In Birds of Passage, you’ll experience how drug trade infiltrates and destroys a Wayuu people community.

This Colombian crime drama has Godfather-like scenes, with striking visuals and a rich portrayal of Wayuu culture. 

I had shared it before in my best Colombian movies article, but my Mexican friend, Oscar, recently brought it to my attention again. 

He writes a fantastic newsletter called Life Through Movies, mixing personal stories and observations with a movie recommendation and fun facts.

So, if you’re a movie lover, check it out!

🎧 The Garifuna Collective (Central America)

Ready to rock and groove? 

Check out The Garifuna Collective, a group from the Caribbean coast of Central America.

Their music is unlike anything else and sparks the history and soul of Garifuna culture, a blend of African and indigenous traditions emerging from the slave trade in the Caribbean.

Their mission is maintaining and growing the Garifuna cultural identity despite a history of immense adversity.

My favorite songs are Black Catbird and Mérua.

📕Of Water and the Spirit (Burkina Faso)

Are you looking for a short, non-mainstream read? 

Have a look at Of Water and the Spirit. In this 300-page book, Malidoma Patrice Some takes us on his life journey. 

He was kidnapped from his home village and put in a Jesuit school as a kid. After 15 years of Western indoctrination, he returned to his people. 

His book shares his story and spiritual lessons from Africa and the West.

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