Cultural Reads 59: Soft White Underbelly, AI Music & Nicaragua’s Revolution

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🎧 Write Your Playlist

Need a new Spotify playlist? 

You can easily create it yourself by using this AI tool

Type in the vibe you’re looking for, and the algorithm turns it into a Spotify playlist. 

It can be anything from “super popular 80s rock music” to “sad goth music because I just broke up with my girlfriend.”

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🕺 Amenti HipHop & Theater

Guys, what should the theme be?
Trauma, someone yelled. 
Damn, that’s heavy, but ok, ok. Let’s do it. 

This is how Amenti’s HipHop freestyle performance started at BOOM festival in Portugal this summer. 

Amenti’s founder, Gil, healed from psychosis through dance and founded Amenti to help people deal with their emotions through movement.

Amenti also performs theater shows and some of the best Hip-hop performances you’ll ever see (check out their Instagram)

Last week, I attended NOM.NOS, a show about guys with African roots who are searching for their names, stories, and family histories.

This incredibly inspiring group is worth following!

🌏 Notable People Around The World

Who are the most notable people from Kenya or Mexico? 

Find out on Notable People.

This website has an interactive globe with the most influential people per country.

If you select ‘culture,’ you’ll find many fantastic authors and musicians. Thanks to Recomendo for the tip!

📽️ Soft White Underbelly (United States)

I only feature a few U.S. recommendations because most American movies and authors are already mainstream.

However, I found something worth sharing this week: the Soft White Underbelly YouTube channel.

This channel features documentary-style interviews with people on Skid Row, an L.A. neighborhood with one of the largest homeless populations in the United States.

Most of these individuals are 
“frequently invisible in society—the unhoused, the sex worker, the chronic drug user, the runaway, the gang member, the poor and the sick.”

It’s an incredibly raw and honest way of interviewing. 

📕 The Country Under My Skin (Nicaragua)

How often do you encounter an author who has smuggled weapons and rubbed shoulders with Fidel Castro?

Gioconda Belli is one of the few writers who did. In her memoir, The Country Under My Skin, she describes Nicaragua’s revolution and her role in it.

She’s one of the most influential Latin American authors and has been critical of gender issues and politics. The latter led to a forced exile after criticizing President Ortega (who led the revolution she participated in earlier in life). 

I was very close to interviewing her in Nicaragua, but she was out of the country, unfortunately. Instead, I spoke to TV star Gabriel Traversari, who had ties to the Somoza family (who ruled before the revolution). His second aunt was, in fact, the dictator’s daughter.

You can find the interview here.

Soft White Underbelly, AI Music Nicaragua's Revolution

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