Cultural Reads 67: Atlas Obscura, Good Ones & Music Database

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Now, onto the newsletter with Best Non-Fiction Books, Rwandan Music, Worldwide Games, Atlas Obscura, Huge Music Database & Turkish Thriller.

Rock 2024 With These Best Non-Fiction Books

📚 Rock 2024 With These Best Non-Fiction Books

What better way to improve your life than through books?

That’s why, after the best novels to read in 2024, I now present you the best non-fiction books.

It’s a top 10 based on my favorite reads from last year, focusing on health, fitness, and spirituality.

🎙️ The Good Ones (Rwanda)

This might be weird to say, but these two singers seem to form the sweetest, most kind-hearted group ever. 

Adrian and Janvier learned to play music by Janvier’s older brother, who died during Rwanda’s brutal genocide.

In their fantastic Tiny Desk Concert, the singers say they formed the band to process their nation’s trauma and unite Rwanda’s tribes: TutsiHutu, and Twa.

In their words: “Anyone over the age of 29 in Rwanda is a genocide surivor, but that doesn’t define us. Love does.”

If you don’t believe them, trust their Grammy-winning producer (who also worked with TinariwenRamblin’ Jack Elliott & the Zomba Prison Project). When he met them, he told his partner: “What these guys do is precious and rare. Don’t fuck it up!”

🎲 Games Around The World

Are you looking to impress your foreign friends? Learn a popular game from their country.

Select any game from this list and find the rules on YouTube. 

Atlas Obscura (Worldwide)

📕 Atlas Obscura (Worldwide)

If you’re tired of visiting the same old places and need a unique way to discover the world, Atlas Obscura is your thing.  

This book is an explorer’s guide to the world’s hidden wonders, with over 700 of the world’s strangest and most curious places.

🌎 Rate Your Music (Worldwide)

Are you looking to discover new music?

Then Rate Your Music is the place to be.

This music rabbit hole is one of the largest music databases and online communities, with endless music discovery options. What I love most is discovering new subgenres.

🍿 Burning Days (Turkey)

Burning Days is a gripping Turkish film that dives deep into the web of political intrigue and corruption.

Set in a small town, it follows Emre, a young prosecutor sent from Istanbul. His task is to investigate water-related corruption. His idealistic approach quickly turns people against him, putting his life at risk.  

Although it’s a little slow at times, it’s an intense, thought-provoking cinema experience.

You can watch it on YouTubeApple, and Prime.

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