Cultural Reads 70: Packing Anxiety, Hotel Mumbai & Arabic Poetry

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In today’s newsletter: Packing Anxiety, Arabic Poetry, Best Restaurants, Latin Music, Hotel Mumbai & Rwandan Stories.

packing anxiety

🎒 Tired of Packing Anxiety?

Are you stressed when packing your bags?

Afraid you will forget something?

This is how I felt until I started using a packing list.

In this post, I’ll share my favorite travel items tricks and a packing list for you to use.

Beautiful Arabic Poetry

📖 The Best Arabic Poetry

Many people find Italian, French, and Spanish romantic languages. 

But the most romantic language of all is probably Arabic.

Instead of saying “Hello,” Arabs say “As-salaam alaykum,” which means “peace be upon you.”

Arabic has a long poetic history and is a highly expressive language with a rich vocabulary that allows for nuanced and lyrical expressions.

So, get ready for a great introduction to the best Arabic poetry.

🍜 Map of the Best Restaurants (Worldwide)

Discover the best restaurants in each city on Map of the Best.

Select where you are and enjoy your meal!

Thanks to Recomendo for the tip.

🎵 Latin Music DJ Sets

Are you looking for some Latin music to dance the week away? 

Check out Afro Cuban Funky Grooves with Cuban DJ Cami Layé Okún and Colombian salsa by Hong Kong-born Gia Fu.

Both DJ sets are part of My Analog Journal’s YouTube channel, which I featured in my post, 8 Ways to Discover New Music.

🍿 Hotel Mumbai (India)

If you’re looking for a super intense thriller, watch Hotel Mumbai (PrimeYoutube).

This Indian-Australian-American co-production is based on the 2008 Mumbai attacks at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India.

The attacks killed 167 people and at least 31 in the hotel, which was under siege for 60 hours due to a lack of police resources in the area.

I was shocked that I had never heard of these attacks before.

📙 Kibogo (Rwanda)​

Scholastique Mukasonga is a fantastic Rwandan author (many of her novels rate higher than 4/5 on Goodreads) who wrote several books about the devastating effects of the country’s genocide.

She chose a different theme in Kibogo. This short, great read shows the grand tradition of oral storytelling in Africa and how these stories change over time through people, events, and colonialism. 

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