Cultural Reads 78: Spark Creativity, Vietnamese Souvenirs & Food

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In today’s newsletter: Vietnamese Souvenirs, Best Dutch Books, Kenyan Mix, Travel Food, Spark Creativity & Argentinian Comedy.

🌍 Vietnamese Souvenirs

What are the best gifts to bring back from Vietnam?

I asked a local friend to select her favorites. 

Wait no longer and check out these 10 Best Vietnamese Souvenirs.

📙 13 Best Dutch Books

After 3+ years of writing Cultural Reads, it’s finally there!

Despite being Dutch, this is the first post about the Netherlands with the 13 best Dutch books.

I selected them based on two criteria: (1) they are famous in the Netherlands, or (2) they teach you more about Dutch culture. 

📀 Sofiya Nzau (Kenya)

After the famous Kenyan group Sauti Sol, it’s time for Sofiya Nzau to take the stage.

Sofiya is a Kenyan artist who sings in Kikuyu, one of Kenya’s main languages. Her genre is a mix of afrobeat, afrohouse, and amapiano.

She started releasing music in 2022 and quickly rose to fame. Her most famous song is Mwaki (which led to a cooperation with DJ Tiësto).

🥣 Best Travel Food

Say goodbye to Yelp and the lonely planet and welcome these four websites for the best food & drink tips:

  • Eater 38 offers the best restaurants per city.
  • The Infatuation provides excellent food tips in big cities worldwide and in the United States.
  • Hey Barista features the best coffee places in European cities & Sydney.
  • Map of the best shares the most distinguished restaurants and bars worldwide.

📓 The Creative Act by Rick Rubin (US)

Want to spark your creativity?

The legendary producer Rick Rubin, who worked with world-famous artists such as Johnny Cash, Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, and Ed Sheeran, wrote a fantastic book called The Creative Act.

He explains creativity, how to access it, and how it interacts with the universe. I’d highly recommend the audiobook narrated by Rick Rubin himself.

🎟️ The Tangalanga Method (Argentina)

Are you looking for a fun and light comedy?

Check out The Tangalanga Method.

Jorge is too shy to make sales, speak up at work, and approach the woman of his dreams. 

One day, on his way home, he walks into a theater during a hypnosis session. From then onwards, whenever he enters a trance, it releases a hilarious alter ego who says everything on his mind.

Go here for more of the best Argentinian movies.

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